The most stunning milipede, PERIOD.

came across these incredible photos I just couldn’t not share them!

Blue Cloud Forest Milliped (Pararhachistes potosinus).                           Source: Project 

Millipedes often just creep the hell out of me but this right here is a work of art!

This bright blue beauty is a Blue Cloud Forest Milliped (Pararhachistes potosinus). According to The Featured Creature, these millipedes are found in the high altitude cloud forests in Mexico. They form the largest family of millipedes called Polydesmida which includes about 3,500 species.

They have no eyes and vary in length from 3 to 130mm and their bright blue colour is said to be a deterrant for predators. The blue colour is said to warn predator of the toxic secretions these creatures scan produce!

Stay classy, Mother Nature!

PS: “Project Noah is a tool to explore and document wildlife and a platform to harness the power of citizen scientists everywhere.” Go check them out, stunning wildlife photography!


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