Science: My Nemesis

Well today’s lesson was all very thought provoking so here’s a piece of my brain.

If you’re good at it and you can convince people you are good at it, go for it. Follow your passion.

– Words of Wisdom from our Profs today

I know what I’m good at (or I think I do), what drives me and what I’m truly passionate about – Music. My mom taught me the piano since I was four and my best childhood memories are singing duets with my uncle and taping them on cassettes. But being a brown person and if you’re a brown person, I’m sure you know what I mean when I say it is a birth right to have “medicine” forced down your throat and etched in your brain. As much as I was encouraged and taught music, I was more so pushed to drown in science, because well that’s the route to a white coat (but I never achieved that, clearly. I was close).

Maybe because of that, I hated science. The thought of science was nauseating. I could never relate or comprehend anything scientific and every year I surprised myself at how I got through another year of science. During my undergrad years, I sought refuge in my theatre classes to balance the headache that were my science modules. When I pulled through my honours thesis, it was the greatest achievement in my life and I still can’t fathom how I ever did it.

But ever since I’ve started this course in science communication, my perception of science has transformed completely. It’s been only a couple of weeks but these two modules I am taking have instilled in me a love for learning science, that I never had. I am reading science articles not because I have to but because I want to. Hell, I am running a science blog for an assignment but I’m seeking new information purely out of curiosity, interest and a want to share all these amazing stuff out there with other people.

As scienceminion and I were discussing after class, this kind of course is what students need. We were never exposed to such courses that gives you the big picture, that defines what shapes the realm of science and brings a whole new perspective to science education and learning.

While music has and always be something that defines me, I have found a purpose for all the science education that I’ve gained. I most certainly will not be the next Marie Curie or Rosalind Franklin but I’m a medical communicator, it’s my job and I love it!

While there are students who have a flair and passion for science, there are kids like me who don’t. Someone needs to reach out to these kids and pique their interest in science. Our education system is flawed in a way that children go to school because they have to, and not because they want to learn and that right there is something that always bothered me. After 20 years of formal education, this course is probably the one time I have eagerly looked forward to lessons that teach me SCIENCE.

Doing this course to complement my job is the best decision I’ve made, many thanks to all my profs! While I wish I had this experience way earlier in life, it’s never too late. But I sincerely hope the younger generation do get the opportunity to explore and be fascinated by science even if they may not be good at it.


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