Hooker’s Lips & Bleeding Fungus

In this post, I bring you two of the world’s most extraordinary plants.


Psychortia Elata, more commonly known as “hot lips” or “hooker’s lips”

This picture may look like it’s photoshopped but I can assure you these lips are one of Mother Nature’s beautiful daughters.

Hooker’s lips (Psychortia Elata) are known for their flamboyant presence in rainforests of Central and South American countries like Colombia, Costa Rica, Panama and Ecuador. The flashy lips are in fact,  leaf-like bracts that are a cover to the small white flowers and little oval berries that hide beneath.

This plant have evolved to this shape to attract pollinators such as butterflies, hummingbirds and silkmoths. Apparently, humans are not alone in being seduced by pouty lips.

Unfortunately, this unique flower has become endangered due to uncontrolled deforestation and increasing popularity among plant collectors. So if you really want to see her, go on a trip to Costa Rica and kiss her while you can! 


Hydnellum peckii, more commonly known as Bleeding Fungus

Quite an awful looking fungus isn’t it? The Bleeding Fungus is found in forests in North America and Europe and was recently discovered in Iran and Korea.

It’s unique feature (obviously) is the  jelly-like, gooey, blood-red substance that seeps from it’s pores.  This red liquid exudes from the Bleeding Fungus as a result of high root pressure as the fungus matures. This bloody liquid contains a pigment known to have anticoagulant properties like heparin.

While it is said to be non-poisonous and edible, whoever’s tried it says that its extremely bitter and unappetizing. Eat it at your own risk!